About Us:

White Tiger Martial Arts was created to help bring quality martial arts training to the community. The focus being on helping each student develop into a Master of Daily Life. The struggles that each of us face in life are easier to work through with discipline, focus, confidence, and courage. These are skills and traits that teach problem solving and conflict management developed through martial arts training. Students learn and grow from each other as well as from the school leadership. Each of us is a Hero on a Journey called Life.

We teach Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, No More Bullying & Bill Superfoot Wallace Kickboxing.

School was named and awarded ~ School of the year by the USA martial arts hall of fame 2014 , 2016 & 2017

Owner Master Somers was inducteed for Master of the year 2017.

We have classes for kids, teens & adults.

As well as family rates, so the whole family can do martial arts together.

White Tiger Martial Arts has been teaching martial arts in southern indiana since 2005.

Since than the school has been recognized as the best in the state time and time again.

Being awarded 'School of the Year' 2014 & 2016 by the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame

White Tiger Martial Arts instructors have been inducted into the

USA Martial arts hall of fame numerous times.

Master Somers owner of the school is also the founder of the nation

wide program NO MORE BULLYING.

That program was featured on WDRB newscast showing the benefits of this program !!

Master Somers is also the State Director for the state of Indiana for

United States Martial Arts Alliance Association.

We are also a Bill Superfoot Wallace school, we are 1 of 40 schools in the nation.

Superfoot is a 23 - 0 undefeated world kickboxing champion, He taught and Ran

Elvis Presley's school and as well taught and has been in movies along with Chuck Norris,

Jackie Chan, John Belushi, Mickey Rourke etc etc.

Feel Free to call us at 812-570-0183 or 812-620-2923

We will be happy to answer any questions that you might have !!

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